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Training Classes

One of the most significant challenges of promoting EEMs is that the professionals involved in the process often do not have adequate training on this unique product.

  • Many real estate professionals are unfamiliar with EEMs or see them as one more road block to a smooth and quick closing.
  • Most loan originators have not encountered EEMs and do not understand the energy package reports, and they are unsure of the steps involved in validating the increased mortgage value. This has the potential to significantly delay loan closings.
  • HERS raters understand the diagnostic testing and the software modeling, but most of them do not understand EEMs and know very little about the process and the proper documentation to get through underwriting approval.
  • Contractors are often unaware of EEMs, do not understand their role in the entire EEM process, or don't fully understand what is expected of them to reach the necessary efficiency goals and pass final inspection the first time.
  • The majority of home owners and home buyers do not know they exist.

We can fill all of these needs by providing the necessary training for all parties involved in the process.

For course information and registration, please select from the links below:

HERS Raters

Lending Professionals

Real Estate Professionals: We now offer Continuing Education Classes in Georgia!