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EEM Training for HERS Raters

This two-day course will properly prepare HERS Raters to complete the entire process of each type of Energy Efficient Mortgage. This course will cover topics such as:

  • FHA, VA, and conventional guidelines for EEMs
  • The differences between EEMs for new construction and existing homes
  • Case studies of new purchases and refinances
  • Working with lenders, realtors, contractors, homeowners, and home buyers
  • Completing an EEM step-by-step
  • Streamlining documentation and reports
  • How to use REM/Rate effectively
  • Inspection procedures for initial rating and test-out

Plus, you'll get tools and materials that will simplify the process and minimize your turn-around time, which is critical to your success, and the success of your clients.  After completing this class, you will be prepared to facilitate Energy Efficient Mortgages from start to finish and can confidently add this underutilized product to your range of services.

Students successfully completing this course will also earn the EEM Partner Designation and enjoy many Partner benefits.

  • Use of the EEM Partner logo
  • Networking opportunities with other EEM Partners
  • Access to custom, proprietary software designed to streamline the process
  • Listing on our EEM Partner Locator Map that has had more than 15,000 views in recent months
  • Updated information regarding changes to programs and procedures
  • Use of marketing materials and suggested tips and techniques
  • Ongoing support from our expert staff
  • Discounts on services, training, and memberships from our affiliate partners

Energy efficiency is the future of housing, and the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) is the future of home buying. With a solid base of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals to educate and help buyers through the EEM process, this niche will quickly become the new standard for home buying.

Come learn about one of the fastest growing home buying techniques on the market today. Earn valuable and practical knowledge that is critical to your success and the success of your clients.